You can know something without understanding it. You can know God without understanding Him. The bible says in Psalm that the children of Israel knew the acts of God(knew the miracles) but Moses knew the ways of God(understood how the miracles happened).Pharaoh knew his dreams but Joseph understood them and interpreted them by the spirit of God.

Understanding is a deeper (higher) form of knowledge. Knowledge is awareness or access to information whiles understanding is knowing the meaning or cause of something. To be able to interpret or analyze information correctly. You can know how to use Microsoft excel or word without understanding the algorithm behind it.

Proverbs 4:6 says with all the wisdom you have, get understanding. People pray for money, wisdom etc. but not understanding.

Do you understand why you are in that situation?

Do you understand why your spouse behave like that?

Some facts about understanding

  1. Understanding means interpretation (Genesis 41:15)
  2. Understanding is different from wisdom (Proverbs 4:6, Revelations 13:18)
  3. Understanding helps discernment (1 Kings 3:9-11)
  4. Understanding is from God (Job 32:8)
  5. Understanding shall keep you (Proverbs 2:11)
  6. Understanding can give you wisdom (Proverbs 10:23)
  7. Understanding brings peace (Proverbs 11:12)
  8. Understanding make you hate evil (Psalm 119:34,73,100).

What is revelation without understanding? What good is it to have a powerful dream and interpret it wrongly? Have you misunderstood a prophesy or vision?

Prayer Point

God give me an understanding heart (1 Kings 3:12)

God help me to understand what I see and hear (Matthew 13:14)


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